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Migrant Workers - Accessibility Help

Accessibility Help

This site has a number of features to enhance it's accessibility. The site can be viewed in an alternative colour scheme of black text on yellow background. It is likely that a few more "high contrast" colour schemes will be added in the near future.

Also there is the ability to view in small, medium, or large text by clicking on the relevant "A" in the left hand menu. Text size can also be changed in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox by clicking the "View" tab on the menu bar and then selecting Text Size.

Finally you can change your prefered language to one of the languages represented by the flags on the left hand menu. If the page you are viewing is available in the selected language, the page will be displayed in that language. If it is not available it will be reproduced in English.

At this moment in time the majority of the site is available only in English but as the site progresses and grows, more and more of the pages will be produced in alternative languages.

If you have any suggestions for further enhancing the sites accessibility, please contact Kevin Taylor at Ark ICT

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Health and Safety documents and resources for migrant workers with ESOL needs

Health and Safety documents and resources for migrant workers with ESOL needs
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